What Is a Power Conditioner?

Investing in a power conditioner is a great way to extend the longevity of your electronic devices and prevent emergency repair. It’s ability to clean, provide surge protection, and offer noise filtration keep electronics working better for longer by offering long-term stability. Unfortunately, many people have never heard of power conditioners. If this a term that is new to you, here are some facts to help you determine if this is a device that will suit your home.

Is Your Electricity Dirty?

Have you been experiencing voltage fluctuation with certain electronic devices? The problems could be dirty electricity. Dirty electricity can come from a few different sources: line noise, browouts, and power spikes or surges. When dirty electricity isn’t filtered, data transfers can be complicated and parts of expensive electrical equipment like HVAC systems, televisions, water heaters, etc., could be harmed.

Let’s look at the different types of dirty electricity and how they affect your electrical performance.

Line Noise

All lines have noise. The goal is to filter out a certain number of decibels traveling through the line. Most common types of noise include radio frequency interference (EMI) and electromagnetic interference (RFI). Other reasons for line noise is lightning, radio transmitters, incorrectly connected electrical poles, electrical motors turning on and off. Noise in the line usually gets worse during thunderstorms, which is why it should be a priority to protect against line noise and protect all data transfers.


A brownout happens when circuits overload and power reduction occurs. A power conditioner can handle lower voltage frequencies. Brownouts aren’t that uncommon. In fact, some are intentionally started by power companies when the demand for electricity gets too high. Brownouts have a reputation for affecting computers. Installing a power conditioner for computers can protect your files and other sensitive information.

Power Surges and Spikes

It’s not unusual for homes to experience power surges or spikes every now and then. But it is important that your home is completely protected. Electrical surges don’t last very long, but a power spike can last much longer. These usually happen after lightning strikes and can be very detrimental to your electronics. In fact, it doesn’t take much for an electrical spike to destroy household electrical equipment.

Conditioning your home’s electricity can protect your electrical system from expensive repairs. To learn more about the benefits of power conditioners or to install a whole house line conditioner, get in touch with one of our licensed electricians in Irvine today. My Irvine Electrician Hero is the leader in all residential and commercial electrical repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

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