Illuminate Your Home with Recessed Lighting

Are you looking for a way to update your home that doesn’t require a huge investment? If you have poorly lit areas in your house, consider adding recessed lighting. This type of residential lighting can illuminate dim areas, highlight room features, and add much needed overhead lighting in homes with low ceilings.

At My Irvine Electrician Hero in Irvine, our licensed electricians work with homeowners every day to develop lighting plans that work well for their budget and individual spaces in the home. Keep reading to learn more about how recessed lighting can benefit your home.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Most overhead lighting is installed on the ceiling’s surface. Recessed lighting is different because it is installed in the ceiling. Electricians install the housing fixture into the ceiling and add a finished edge for a sleek look. Many people prefer recessed lighting becomes it offers the same benefits as traditional overhead lighting, but with a much cleaner finish. Recessed lighting basically blends in with the ceiling for a seamless look.

Recessed lighting is perfect in the following areas:

  • As accent or spotlight lighting to highlight architectural features or decorative art
  • Task lighting in bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas of the home that need direct lighting
  • Great in multi-use rooms for versatility (add dimmers to create ambiance)

Recessed lighting can make rooms appear larger and ceiling feel higher. As great as these lighting fixtures are, they aren’t ideal in all situations. You don’t want to use recessed lighting as your only source of lighting. Instead, use it in combination with freestanding lamps and other lighting sources. Also, recessed lighting should never be installed in a concrete ceiling. From a design standpoint, we also suggest not installing recessed lighting in areas of the home with coffered or other decorative ceilings. Recessed lighting can clash and detract from the look.

Can Recessed Lighting Be Used Outside?

Yes! This type of lighting is very popular as outdoor soffit lighting. When properly insulated and installed, it is a waterproof lighting solution that can illuminate front porches, covered decks, covered patios, and more!

What to Consider Before Installation

Installing recessed lighting does take some pre-planning. It’s why we always recommend professional electrical installation. Our certified lighting specialists will carefully plan the installation and make sure all requirements are met. Here are just a few of the factors that your electrician will consider before completing recessed lighting installation:

  • The type of housing needed for safe installation. Your electrician will determine this based on whether the house is new or existing construction, the ceiling slope, and the material used.
  • Number of fixtures needed for sufficient lighting. The last thing you want is so many recessed lights that your home looks like Swiss cheese. Your electrician will help you determine the best design.
  • Electricians will also determine proper spacing. Lighting fixtures must be placed evenly for a balanced look.
  • Type of bulbs for space installed. Bathrooms, for example, need to have lighting fixtures installed with bulbs that are rated for moisture safety.
  • Safest installation to avoid overloading circuits. We’ll make sure you don’t experience electrical overload.

My Irvine Electrician Hero has been in the business of installing recessed lighting for over [number] years. Our expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship and safety is why more people trust us for lighting and electrical installation than any other electrical repair and replacement services in Irvine.

We can install the following kinds of recessed lighting today:

  • Down lighting
  • Energy Star
  • Fire barrier housing
  • Flourescent
  • Incadescent
  • LED lighting
  • Line voltage
  • Lighting for multiple spots
  • Swivel lighting
  • Standard and low-voltage halogen

Let our top-rated electricians help you choose the right look to update your home. Call today for affordable lighting design, installation, and maintenance services!

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